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Seamless, global coverage

Never worry about how to determine which carrier your device should connect to — our eUICC-enabled Hyper SIMs will automatically connect to the best signal available on our network.

Test without added costs

Collaboratively manage your 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, or CAT-M fleet with our easy-to-use dashboard or our modern REST API and get access to our IoT support specialists.

Tech platform & support

Set your devices to Hibernate

Avoid lengthy carrier negotiations for your connectivity needs. We've sorted it out and are constantly working to improve coverage and support for our network.

No carrier negotiations

Deploy at your own pace

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Transparent tracking in the Dashboard

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Preflight automatically associates your SIMs with your account and displays them right in the Dashboard — no need to scan barcodes or type in the ICCID.


With SIMs in Preflight, you'll know exactly where your devices are after shipping. Plus, different Preflight modes allow you to activate devices automatically on first use or keep them in hibernation mode until you're ready.

It felt like Hologram was the Stripe of SIM management.

Tanguy Goretti


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Trust your devices will connect before you deploy

Test early, deploy seamlessly, and save with Hologram Preflight.

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It felt like Hologram was the Stripe of SIM management.

Tanguy Goretti


Testing without added costs

With Hologram Preflight, Vital Health Links’ devices are tested at the factory and then set to hibernate until activation — without incurring data costs.

Test without added costs

As devices are activated, Vital Health Links turns to the Hologram Dashboard for real-time visibility and proactive alerts on devices and SIM usage.

Real-time visibility and alerts

Set your devices to Hibernate

Hologram’s SIM flexibility ensures that over-the-air coverage updates can be performed on Vital Health Links’ devices — no need for hardware swaps.

SIMs designed to last

Deploy at your own pace
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We wanted to go cellular because so many of our patients are in rural areas ... Hologram’s complete coverage helps ensure that all of our patients are served.

JoJo Ju

Director of Product Development and Process Improvement, VITAL HEALTH LINKS

Connecting the future of patient care

See why Hologram is the ideal connectivity solution for medical devices.

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Hologram - Cellular IoT SIM Cards & Connectivity

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It’s no secret that deploying a global fleet of IoT devices is complex. IoT managers have a lot to look after from managing manufacturing and distribution to understanding the global cellular landscape.

In this webinar mini-series, you'll hear from Cory Dixon, Ph.D., Senior Solutions Engineer; Arit Nsemo, Director of Customer Success; and Dylan Hoeffler, Senior Director of Product Marketing. They'll cover key considerations and questions you should ask your connectivity provider as you build the business strategy for your deployment. Next, dive into best practices for procurement, regulatory requirements, reporting, and more. Finally, they'll discuss the technical considerations to ensure you are set up for success – covering everything from device and hardware selection to diagnostics, testing, and more. 

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Dylan Hoeffler

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Silva Gentchev, Senior Product Marketing Manager


A mini-series on the business and technical considerations for scale

Cory Dixon, Ph. D.

Senior Solutions Engineer

Silva Gentchev, Senior Product Marketing Manager


Arit Nsemo

Director of Customer Success

Silva Gentchev, Senior Product Marketing Manager